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Fighting the good fight and holding government accountable! – A Conversation with the new Gauteng Council Member of SACCI

Today we talk to Mr KP Timmal who is lobbying and advocating for changes in support of small business in SA Kamal Parmesar Timmal, the 56 year old self-made entrepreneur who has amassed a countless number of businesses and certifications to mention. He has committed and still is, changing the narrative of entrepreneurship, employment, poverty

SMME’s get a seat at the table for change & recovery

Mr KP Timmal fights for the small business owners of SA In October of 2020, Mr Kamal P Timmal was appointed to represent SME’s at the South African Chamber of Commerce & Industry. Being appointed as a council member means, Mr Timmal, will sit at the table with leading business experts and leaders to table

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Coronavirus stimulus package: 12 measures to ‘cushion’ the economy

Assistance for businesses that may be in distress. Have you received anything to date? Using the tax system, government will provide a tax subsidy of up to R500 per month for the next four months for those private sector employees earning below R6,500 under the Employment Tax Incentive. This will help over 4 million workers. The

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Employees’ and employers’ rights in terms of sick leave in South Africa

The Basic Conditions of Employment Act, No 75 of 1997 (“the BCEA”) gives effect to the right to fair labour practices referred to in section 23(1) of the Constitution of the Republic of South Africa by establishing and making provision for the regulation of basic conditions of employment. The BCEA places strict duties and obligations on employers to comply

Coronavirus lockdown in SA: These are the businesses that can operate

Cape Town - President Cyril Ramaphosa on Monday announced a countrywide lockdown, part of which is that only certain categories of businesses can remain open. Ramaphosa said: "All shops and businesses will be closed, except for pharmacies, laboratories, banks, essential financial and payment services, including the JSE, supermarkets, petrol stations and health care providers. "Companies

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How businesses should manage the COVID-19 Outbreak

COVID-19 continues to spread across the world, so we’ve put together a guide on best practices companies and human resources departments should follow to help their employees stay healthy and infection-free. Effective Communication is Key HR departments should pull together a ready to refer information guide for employees that educates and enlists ways to avoid

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Covid-19 LOCKDOWN – It’s tough – but it’s for the best.

It cannot be expected of government to make perfect decisions. What is expected is for government to act decisively; and that is what government did. After extensive deliberations, based on what they know, they took the best decision under the circumstances. We must make the best of it. A three-week lockdown can be regarded as

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Small Business Innovation & Growth

Catapulting African SME’s South Africa is sitting at an economic crossroad. The National Development Plan (NDP) proposes many measures to accelerate economic growth and deal with the country’s rising social problems. However, since the introduction and acceptance of the NDP as South Africa’s new economic blueprint- the country’s growth rate hovers at 1.4%. Situated

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Cautious Business Climate

SACCI’s Business Confidence Index (BCI) for April 2019 improved by 1.9 index points to 93.7 compared to the March 2019 level. It is 2.3 index points below the 96.0 figure for April 2018. Five of the thirteen sub-indices of the BCI improved on their March 2019 readings. Another five remained unchanged, and three declined.

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Improved but still negative trade conditions

Current trade conditions, as reflected by the Trade Activity Index (TAI), recovered to a seasonally adjusted 37 in March 2019 from 30 in January 2019, and 34 in February 2019, although still in negative territory, and much lower than the March 2018 level. According to the survey, the tough trade conditions will ease slightly

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