Mr KP Timmal fights for the small business owners of SA

In October of 2020, Mr Kamal P Timmal was appointed to represent SME’s at the South African Chamber of Commerce & Industry. Being appointed as a council member means, Mr Timmal, will sit at the table with leading business experts and leaders to table small to medium business issues and formulate strategies for growth.

SACCI is one of the very few chambers in South Africa that is globally recognised at the International Chamber of Commerce & Industry. SACCI represents the business interests by influencing policy and legislative development and regulation. The chamber engages government and legislatures or regulators in respect of certain of the regulations or pieces of legislation that they think would not be conducive for business members or the economy. SACCI is consulted in a lot of the policy that government looks at.

Having the chairperson of Small Business Chamber Africa (SBCA), Mr Kamal P Timmal, sit at this forum means that the estimated 5.9 million small businesses in South Africa can now speak up about the issues causing 70% – 80% of small businesses to fail within their first 5 years. With unemployment jumping 52% in the third quarter, it is Mr Timmals’ vision is to look to entrepreneurship to solve this issue with the assistance of government & policy that is guided by the voices of the small business owners of South Africa.

“Only when policy meets the criteria needed to create a truly sustainable environment for entrepreneurs in South Africa can we thrive, and this is where I see us finding a solution for post COVID recovery and for South Africa to prosper” said Mr. Timmal when asked for a comment. He further noted that his appointment was due to his ongoing battle to get relief aids into the hands of business owners in South Africa. Mr. Timmal is raising voices against banks and government organisations who have made it near impossible to access the relief funds meant for the people.

With over 30 years in business and having worked his way through multiple sectors, Mr. Timmal now is appointed CEO/ owner of Timmal Holdings. A holdings group that is focused on a cradle to career strategy with a focus on leadership, entrepreneurship and sustainability. Mr Timmal remains a social entrepreneur with all his business endeavors, as his forefathers did before him. His family owned business maintains an ethos of family and responsibility.

A well-deserved appointment but a big task ahead for the business veteran. The board looks to Mr. Kamal to formulate strategies with the council that will catapult the SME sector.