Today we talk to Mr KP Timmal who is lobbying and advocating for changes in support of small business in SA

Kamal Parmesar Timmal, the 56 year old self-made entrepreneur who has amassed a countless number of businesses and certifications to mention. He has committed and still is, changing the narrative of entrepreneurship, employment, poverty and education in South Africa through his conglomerate of businesses and initiatives while focusing on people with disabilities, women and youth in neglected rural areas.

This he does by identifying and nurturing aspirant entrepreneurs through funding, incubation and developing them into sustainable businesses.

Mr. Timmal has seen it all, the changing landscape of businesses in South Africa as well him fulfilling and holding titles in all sectors and levels of industry. From an engineering student, a metro police officer, manufacturing work wear and overalls, a family man, a self-made multi-millionaire to a business mogul. Kamal challenges himself every year by living his life out loud. Accomplishing one business or life goal every year.

In 2018 he started the Small Business Chamber Africa, a member of SACCI. Today we talk about his new position where he HAS BEEN nominated as the new Gauteng SACCI council member. He has been lobbying and advocating for businesses in South Africa FOR over 30 years. Mr. Timmal joins us in person where he will unpack his new position as the Gauteng Council member of SACCI and President and Founder of SBCA.

It such a pleasure to talk to you today and CONGRATULATIONS on your new appointment as Gauteng Council member of SACCI.

It’s a big task but with your expertise, experience and passion we know you are the most accomplished business disruptor to take on these challenges of South Africa that entrepreneurs face.

  1. SBCA is one your latest additions to the Timmal Holdings Group. What was the idea behind SBCA? Future plans for SBCA?
  2. How did you find the gap? The term Gapology is a term entrepreneurs are very familiar with. How did you and still find the gaps in market to open the businesses you have and how can others do the same?
  3. What are some of the challenges you want to tackle and reform that you face together with other SMME’s today?
  4. What can business owners do to protect their businesses given the unforeseen year that we experienced due to COVID-19? How can entrepreneurs adopt the mindset of adapting?
  5. Does race and gender still impact business undertakings?
  6. Who taught you leadership? How did you know you weren’t an employee?
  7. Be patient to start small while thinking big. What is the right balance between planning and doing when it comes to entrepreneurship?
  8. What kind of entrepreneurs do you see now inn South Africa vs what entrepreneurs do you want to see in this country?
  9. Do you believe in passion and loving what you do and that leading to money and success?
  10. What can people expect from you as the CEO of Timmal Holdings and the Gauteng SACCI council member in 2021 to address Business Challenges in South Africa.
  11. In Conclusion

To reach Mr KP Timmal, contact or call 010 03000 80.